Thunder Ridge Qualifiers 04-19-14

     The first round of qualifiers were held Saturday at Thunder Ridge Raceway. The fastest of the day was won by Pictonians Souwest in 1:59.2. He is owned by Chad Parker, trained by Calvin Harris and was driven by Issac Love. For the trotters, Come And Tell Pap was an impressive winner, winning by 10 lengths in 2:04.3 with a last quarter of 28.3. He is owned by James Collier and was trained and driven by Issac Love.
     Opening night is slated for Wednesday, April 23rd. The next qualifiers will be held on Tuesday, April 22nd. Entries close on Monday, April 21st. 

GO COWBOY GO, with Driver Jimmy Viars, leads the eighth qualifier before POWERED BY SCOOT with Driver Randy D Crisler takes over at the 3/4 pole. SOMUCHCOOLERONLINE and Driver Lawrence K Cooper, sitting in the pocket third, would go on to win.


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