Thursday, January 20, 2011

Group Files Appeal To "Instant Racing" Decision

The Family Foundation filed an appeal Thursday in a case involving Instant Racing, a form of mechanized gambling that it argues is not fundamentally different from a slot machine, which is prohibited under Kentucky law.

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  1. I think the new rule change is a great idea. I will consider this an eye for an eye! There was no hesitation when the rule was changed in ( the middle of the stream) to exclude non- residents from racing. This rule devistated Kentucky racing and our way of life! Our way of making a living was jerked out from under us. So you, the breeders,are going to out smart yourselves and put your own selves out of business. With my blessings! Janet Emerson

  2. Janet, I believe a huge problem with the rule changes the past several years is that they don't "grandfather" those who have already invested so much in KY racing. As a result of the most recent rule change many horses eligible in KY fairs in 2010 are ineligible in 2011. It hurts everyone involved in KY racing (horsemen, tracks, breeders, fans, etc.) Thanks for your comments.