Thunder Ridge Qualifiers 04-18-15

Thunder Ridge held their first qualifiers of the year this past Saturday in preparation of the 2015 meet. There were 10 qualifiers on this warm spring afternoon, with horses hoping to be ready for opening week beginning April 23rd. Racing will held on Thursdays and Fridays with post time at 6:00pm and Saturday afternoons at 1:00pm. (The 2nd week of racing will be Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Then back to the regular schedule.)

Clooney, with Keisean Wilson, was the winner of the 7th qualifier.

Shakey Slim, with Keisean Wilson, was the winner of the 8th qualifier.

Clooney leading the field into the last turn

Shakey Slim on the lead

Shakey Slim & Navahoe pulling away from the rest of the field


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