Governor's Statement on Interstate Racing Compact

“My administration has been active in the development of an Interstate Racing Compact for some time, from a review that began in 2008 by my Task Force on the Future of Horse Racing to KHRC Executive Director Lisa Underwood's service as a member of the national steering committee that worked over 18 months to produce model language for this legislation.

Now, with the passage of Senate Bill 24, Kentucky can continue its leadership role as the Horse Capital of the World.  This Compact will better the industry not just in Kentucky but across the nation, and allows us a prominent seat at the table in proposing uniform regulations among member states.  The Compact will allow participants to operate under uniform rules and regulations, where applicable, while still maintaining regulation at the state level.

I would like to thank Rep. Susan Westrom and Sen. Damon Thayer for their leadership in filing this important piece of legislation.  I would also like to acknowledge Sen. Williams' role in promoting the Interstate Racing Compact in his capacity as Chair of the Council of State Governments.”


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