Saturday, January 15, 2011

EP Testing Directive from State Vet

"... the Kentucky State Veterinarians Office is directing that until further notice all equine animals (racing and nonracing) seeking entry onto a race track in Kentucky must be accompanied with a certificate demonstrating the horse(s) was tested for piroplasmosis by a C-ELISA assay for both T. equi and B. caballi and reported to be negative. We are stating that the testing should begin immediately and that effective January 1, 2011, no horse shall be allowed entry onto a Kentucky race track without verification that the required testing has been completed. The testing shall be performed and the results reported by a laboratory certified and approved by the USDA to conduct the testing and shall be completed on a blood sample collected from the horse during the 12 month period preceding the animal’s entry onto the grounds. The testing is not a requirement for racing, but simply qualifying the horse for access to the track. This testing is in addition to the established health requirements that include each horse entering a Kentucky track demonstrate that they have tested negative for equine infectious anemia, been vaccinated against equine herpes virus type 1 and accompanied with a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection stating the animals to be free of disease and known exposure to a communicable disease.

Link to KY Department of Agriculture letter:

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